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Pickleball United's Championship Pickleball Net System

Pickleball United's Championship Pickleball Net System

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Introducing the Pickleball United Championship Net System – the epitome of durability and quality, designed to meet the demands of pickleball pros. Crafted with the same meticulous attention to detail as permanent net systems, this portable solution eliminates the need for costly installations. Perfect for clubs and players seeking the highest level of performance, it seamlessly integrates into existing court setups.

Experience effortless assembly with the internally wound gear mechanism that securely locks each piece into place. The 3" wide posts, constructed from premium stainless steel with a rust-resistant polyester powder coat, ensure exceptional durability and longevity. Renowned by top players for its rigidity, the Championship Net System provides tournament-level tension, resulting in perfect ball interaction and seamless gameplay.

With its robust yet maneuverable design, this net system offers the ideal balance of stability and portability. The weight is distributed evenly, exerting minimal pressure on the court surface. Engineered for versatile use, it performs flawlessly both indoors and outdoors, and its weather-resistant construction ensures year-round playability. For extended product lifespan, we recommend indoor storage during the off-season.

Safety and compliance are paramount, which is why the Championship Net System features stabilizer legs on both sides and includes a Velcro center strap to meet height regulations. Backed by our commitment to quality, this net system comes with a 1-year warranty for the net frame, ensuring your complete satisfaction.

Join the ranks of pickleball champions with the Pickleball United Championship Net System. Elevate your game to the next level and experience the professional performance you deserve.

36" High x 22' long

Heavy Duty base frame constructed of 3-inch square steel

Finished with black baked-on polyester powder coating

Heavy-Duty non-scruff swivel casters allow for smooth & easy mobility. Lift assist handles are included & allow one to easily lift each post end to flip

Case hardened Internally wound self-locking brass gear mechanism.

6.35 mm braided polyethylene nets. Durability and weather resistance. 3.0 mm netting with 285 pound break strength.

Shrink, blight, and rot-resistant. Tapes are double lock

Sturdy Velcro adjustment straps on the center.

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