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Pickleball United's Roll-Out Net System

Pickleball United's Roll-Out Net System

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Introducing the ultimate portable pickleball experience – the Roll-Out Net System by Pickleball United. Designed to official pickleball dimensions (22'x34"), this system combines convenience and versatility like never before. With lockable wheels, it offers effortless mobility, allowing you to set up your court anywhere you desire. Experience the ease of the "All Net Bag," which includes all net components and accessories for a hassle-free setup. Unlock the freedom to play pickleball on your terms with the Roll-Out Net System and elevate your game wherever you go.

Official pickleball dimension (22’x34”)

Easily maneuvered with the 3" locking wheels.

Strong 1.5" x 1.5" powder-coated steel tubing

Fast and simple to assemble. Height and Tension adjustment straps on net edges.

Carry All Net Bag bag features a durable zipper, carry
straps, and net sections to make portable net storage

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